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Debriefing D&D

Last night's session of eventfulness.

After regrouping their forces following the unfortunate incident with the Winter Wolves, our intrepid party was forced to find shelter from a blizzard so that they could heal and that the magic users could memorise thier spells. Such shelter was found in a small deserted hut in the midst of an ice forest of Gelid.

The party settled themselves in the very small hut, with Ibrahim's fire elemental familiar taking to the hearth to warm the place. Treganter made himself useful by locating a small hidden cellar containing a few jugs of very old, very nasty brandy. After a few drinks, the party was quite happily lulled into a state approaching relaxation.

... which was exactly what the Mimics had been waiting for (yes, I do have a checklist of DnD monsters which the party simply must fight during the campaign). All of the furniature in the room errupted forth, revealing their true natures, and a mighty (though cramped) battle insued. There were no casualties, although Treganter came very close to falling at the hands of a ferocious bed, and Dayne was perilously caught between a vicious counter and a man eating wardrobe.

The rest of the night passed without incident. The next day, the party trudged through the snow and ice until at last they spied the castle of Anaxie, located atop a mighty glacier. They waited until nightfall and the gathering of the evening's fog (augmented by Treganter's stange fog enhancing elixurs) to make their approach. They narrowly avoided the patrols of demons to break into the castle proper using a Dimensional Door.

... only to arrive in the path of the patrol of a Bebilith. The spider-like demon put up a terrible fight before it fell beneath the swords, hammers and arrows of the party. Ibrahim's fury was a sight to behold, as he dealt a surprising amount of damage. It was at that moment that the demonic senechal of Lord Anaxie's castle, known only as The Butler, appeared and instructed the party that his master desired a word with them.

(Ariss was very strongly against this idea, as his companion Bastion was an escaped slave belonging to Anaxie. While many taunts were made by Anaxie surrounding this fact, the demon lord maintained that Bastion would return to him willingly when the time was right.)

They were taken to Anaxie's throne-room, where Cinder sat suspended in a huge gilded bird cage, magically sealed from using her spells or her firey breath (because she is a half-dragon, don't you know). Anaxie offered the party a deal - he would hand Cinder over what ever price the party felt she was worth (of the party's choosing), on the condition that in the future should the party have anything belonging to him they would hand it over in return for exactly as much gold as Anaxie felt it was worth. There was much debating on the matter, before Treganter offered up his pocket watch to the fiend for Cinder.

Perhaps surprisingly, the demon assented and Cinder was indeed handed over. During the journey back to Fara's Forge (the township where their return dimensional protal was waiting), Cinder was notably more quiet and withdrwan that usual. She was not entirely over-joyed that they would be returning to Westgate, the town where she grew up and where her mother Lorena still dwelled.

She also had an interesting story to tell about the demonic attack on Oubliette - it was not Anaxie's doing. He had been largely unawear of the attack, until a spy returned from the great battle there carrying an ancient tome entitled "The Precepts of Godhood". Cinder also explained that the Over-Seer of Oubliette was a very powerful Ithilid, of Mind Flayer, and while she was protected from his mind probing powers due to a magic item, she had been forced to keep the information from the party until they were free from Oubliette. As is her want, Cinder left the party with mroe questions than she had answered.

On the party's arrival back at Fara's Forge, they party was witness to a shipment of demonic slaves being herded through a dimensional protal by none other than Lady Vaelenta, the Captain of the Guard of Oubliette. Once her lover, and on a self-imposed quest to free the silver half-dragon from the curse which left her a creature of evil, Dayne leapt forwards in an attempt to subdue her so as to save her later, but she slipped through the portal before he had the chance.

And now the party has returned to Westgate, their future path as yet unclear, with the intention to gain more experience and coin in the upcoming Adventurer's Festival of the Dragon Coast.

Why was the Over-Seer in possession of 'The Precepts of Godhood'?
What is the nature of Cinder's continued involvement with the Over-Seer?
How will recent events change Ibrahim's ties to her?
What is the meaning of Vaelenta's involvment in the attack of Oubliette, a city she died (and was ressurected) to protect?
Will Dayne be able to redeem her?
What will be the nature of the item Lord Anaxie desires from the party?
Will Treganter ever be free from the inquiries of the Articifer's Guild of Mehcanus?
What events could possible lead Bastion to return to his former master?
Will Ariss be able to prevent such events occuring?

Only the continued adventures of our heroes will lead to these answers! Stay tuned!


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(Deleted comment)
Sep. 29th, 2004 06:29 pm (UTC)
I just want to know what you and Lon offered the Godess of the Dice for that combat ^_^

Dayne is slowly but surely building up a towering righteous rage, despite his affable demeanour. I can't wait until level 16-18 or so when my image of him and his abilities will finally be in place.
(Deleted comment)
Sep. 29th, 2004 08:51 pm (UTC)
Power attack, high Strength, broad critical range and Weapon Specialisation. Lots and lots of little things adding up, and occaisionally being doubled ^_^

He's hardly an invincible killing machine, though, he generally wears a *lot* of wounds (because I think Becka attacks him more often, or at least I hope she does - being able to soak up disproportianate amounts of the enemy's firepower so that your mages and archers can safely ply their trades is a big hunk of the point of being a tank), misses all too frequently, and is missing a bunch of really nifty powers that I think will properly define his fighting style.

I'm a little torn, because I want to roleplay his religious life and his fighting style at the same time, yet I have only so many feat slots to do it with, and the order is largely dictated by PrC requirements. He's not particularly optimised, though, so far as I can tell.
(Deleted comment)
Sep. 29th, 2004 08:54 pm (UTC)
Ahhh, the old "Lyle" argument... ;p
(Deleted comment)
Sep. 29th, 2004 09:01 pm (UTC)
Lyle was (is?) a combination of flaws in the system affecting him positively and other characters negatively - while he could have been worse, he existed in a system with no real protection against such things.

Dayne was a *textbook* Fighter until Level 9, at which point his rate of combat improvement slowed as he went on his silly Exalted tangent. He'll pick up a bit when he becomes a Vassal (especially in certain, anti-Dragon situations where he'll really shine), but he'll never be as bad as he would have been as a straight Fighter - in which case he *still* would have had a character sheet endlessly anticipated by the rules (and, I wouldn't hestiate to guess, about a million NWN characters ^_^).
Sep. 29th, 2004 09:05 pm (UTC)
I'm not commenting on the speed of his advancement, I'm commenting on the growing void between him and the rest of the party. Much like I was with Lyle.

But I'm mostly kidding, anyway. :)
Sep. 29th, 2004 09:09 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I guess between Lyle and people tending to dismiss my favourite game as a haven for twinks, I've become oversensitive.

The gulf is only present in terms of consistent direct damage (ingoing and outgoing), anyway. This isn't the sort of game where I can replicate the Dimension Door with a sufficiently flashy sword move ^_^
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