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So, what other exciting stuff has been happening in my life? Well, I picked up a copy of Oriental Adventures for DnD (hello, Rokugan!). It's a very pretty book. I've also been playing an awful lot of the Sims 2 - most recently I've been constructing a neighbourhood filled fill, amongst other things, Sidereals (mostly from bishi_wannabe's game). Expect links and pics soon.

Also, yesterday I recieved a gas bill for $1,510.08.

Ho ho ho, tricksy TXU, you think you can so easily fool me? I went thither straight to the phone and asked them what the hell was up with that. Apparently, it was an "estiamte", because no-one has actually checked the meter since October last year. How they managed to "estimate" that much, given they have been "estimating" an average of $200 every quarter, is beyond me. It shall be sorted - most likely with credit to my name. They will be rebilling me (according to the measurement I gave the nice lady on the phone), and sending over a guy to check the meter.

Which is why I don't like the idea of 'direct debit'. THAT would have been amusing.

And half-day-week has gone remarkably well. :)
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