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Impulse vs Plan

So I had planned on buying a copy of the D&D PHB v 3.5, because I really should have my very own, seeing as how I'm running the damn game and all. The price has dropped to a reasonable $50 these days, so I figured it was time.

... but looking through the pre-loved RPG books, something else caught my attention. I started thinking to myself, "do I really want to spend $50 for a few pages and a few carefully re-written paragraphs that I can always find in someone else's copy, or do I want to spend $30 on a book that I don't have any equivalent too, which has become remarkably pertinent to my plans, and will make my players suffer more?"

Which choice to you think I chose? I am now the owner of "The Lords of Darkness", the book jam-packed full of all of the evil factions and orginazations in Faerun. Because there weren't enough antagonists for the party, apparently. :)

And to you folk who said you would email me DnD stuff, email me, you monkeys! I'm bored and sleep deprived and in need of distraction from work!
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