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So I'm getting to that point in my D&D game where I'm getting quite excited about what is going on in the background, and what will happen in the future. I'm one of those GMs that foreshadows a whole lot, and sets up major events from a long way off, which gives me an awful lot of SQUEEEful moments when they PCs discuss what they their options are...

Listening to the soundtracks from Episodes IV, V, and VI of Star Wars is probably adding to the effect.

In my spare moments at work, listen to inspirational music on ye olde iPod, I find my thoughts forever returning to the game. Planning, ever planning. Asking those all important "what if" questions.

Agatha Christie said it best (or at least, I think she said it), when she said that "if there is a gun used in the third act, then it has to have been on the mantlepiece in act one". Don't go on about my misquoting, I'm paraphrasing to illustrate a point.

The question is, however, how long until the PCs works out what is really going on. And then what they plan to do about it. ;)
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