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And thus was born... the Isotope!

But I'm getting ahead of myself...

Yesterday I woke up and decided it was to be a shit day. I woke up, thought it was Sunday (and was very glad about it), then realised it was not (and promptly got cranky). The morning was filled with teaching a very cute honours student how to do things (two of her three supervisors that she has had this year have VANISHED from the lab, and the third is not a lab kind of a guy), which was okay, but I was annoyed FOR her. I've been lumped with the duties of someone who went on holidays without organising who would be maintaining her work for her, so there was a whole lot of rushing around to tidy up loose ends and make sure things didn't fuck up with her work. The spectre of a meeting with one of my supervisors loomed over my head. It was hot. I was cranky.

But! The meeting with my supervisor went really, really well. Discussion future work and the impending arrival of my minnion and all the rest of it. Then I had icecream! Well, frozen yogurt, but you get my drift. Then an invitation to dinner at morsla's house, which swiftly became an excuse for several people to buy and consume alcohol.

And then I started dancing around the lab singing, "I'm going drinking tonight" (to the tune of "Luck be a lady tonight").

And yes, dinner was had and it was grand. But I felt the need to make a point. Some of you may recall matcha_pocky's fantabulous party where I started mixing a layered, wicked drink - violet on the bottom, bright green on top. It was frightening and it was fantastic. I had warned others about this drink, but in truth I was not sure if it was as good as I remembered it being (it may come as a surprise, but alcohol can play tricks on the mind like that).

With trepidation, I mixed the green layer.

With apprehension, I poured the violet layer.

With concentration, I layered the green on the violet.

And Lo, it was good.

We all decided that this new drink was to be called the Isotope, given its unusual properties - it looks radioactive, has a kick like a donkey, and has a strange habit of just appearing in people's hands when they least expect it. One good thing about it is, however, that after a while I just can't pour them staight (because layering drinks is hard while tipsy!) - which means that I have to stop drinking, at least for a little bit.

Credit where credit is due, though - I didn't come up with the name, or even the concept, but I sure as hell want this to become my signiture drink.

After an evening of pouring rounds of Isotopes, and drinking a whole lot of them myself (and a whole lot of other stuff on the side), I must say that I am a little delicate this morning. But, you know, being hung-over on a tuesday morning brings back nostalgic memories of my undergrad years. :)
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