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My weekend was filled with cleaning, martial arts, booze, and cooking for others. I seem to be getting this reputation for being a provider of food and tasties. This pleases me, though leaves me with a somewhat uncomfortable feeling of house-wivery. As the daughter of a feminist, I feel an almost instinctive terror at being classified as a "good woman". One that cooks and cleans and is a fine hostess.

On the other hand, I seem to gain some strange pleasure from seeing my guests (and friends if I am away from home) well fed and mildly tipsy by my hand. Maybe it is my classical education as an 'acomplished woman' shining though in my old age.

One of my fond memories is of a party at the old Melrose street house, probably for nuwishas_tail (because I rarely have parties). To feed the masses we ordered pizzas, and when they arrived I took the food while nuwishas_tail paid. I walked into our tiny lounge-room, which was crammed with people at the time, bearing about six pizza boxes.

They called me a goddess of plenty, and I blushed with pride.
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