August 8th, 2002

smirk - by me

Where was I and what was I doing...

Hi all!

How's it goin'?

I'm back from my time off, and I feel sooooooo much better. Training on saturday, speaking with sensei anout treasurer duties, and hanging out at the japanese end of the dojo (Mrs Nagae, Mayuki, Yukika and I) which was damn fun. Managed to help Yukika (very new student with some co-ordination problems) actually get the mostly-correct form for hasso-sune and -men for the first time. About an hour and a lot of patience was all it took.

Recently I've been the head student, which with the busyness of the sho-dans and Kirsten N being awfully wounded (apparently her ankle is the most twisted it can possible get and her right ass-cheek is one entire bruise - it's best not to ask).

Sunday morning was a Budokai committee meeting (8 am start - d'oh!), but that was okay too because now that I've been there for a year I'm finally trated like a kohai to my senpai/sensei, and not like some unreasonable outsider. I get in less trouble now, and they are pleasant to me, which is noce.

And from sunday late morning to wednesday night I played Neverwinter Nights. Mmmmmmmm - tasty. I am not up to act 3 and have a level 14 or 15 ranger to show for my troubles. Sure, it was not the most exciting thing I could be doing, but I figure that what I needed was some serious brain shut-down time. So it was all good.

Dog plaque sample man should be coming today, and I am trying out that new biochemical test kit I told you about earlier today as well. Basically, I'm being eased back into reality again with some nice, simple lab work. Tonight I have my Harry Potter game to run, and tomorrow is friday, and then it's the weekend.

Things seem to be looking up.

There was a special on cheesey romance novels in the supermarket last night, so I bought 5 for $10 (all period romance). I am currently reading 'Tuscany', and it is living up to be preconcieved ideals of crappiness. But so long as I don't take it seriously, I shouldn't be too nauseated...

Updates on Francesca and her true love, Guy, and the man who you just know that she is going to end up with, Beldan, are sure to follow. ^_^
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smirk - by me

funny funny

apart from just getting in trouble for not putting something away properly... I am still in a good mood because I have just found something terribly amusing on Something Awful about Dance Dance Revolution. Read right to the end - it's worth it...