September 13th, 2002

smirk - by me

Geekiest geek in geek town

My geekiness is so powerful, it can not be contained any longer!

Jye's "of the East" game finally finished on wednesday is an explosion of kung ju fighting, dark sorcery and ninjit-kick-you-in-the-ass-su. Apart from me being a whiney bitch, much fun was had by all.

Thursday was the last session of the third year of my Harry Potter game which, while is was not as cinematically cool as the second last session (100 14-yr-old multi-national wizarding students on brooms just out side of Atlantis in the middle of the ocean simultaneously casting the same spell at a sea dragon and KILLING IT DEAD), was yea verily much fun as well. Also, since Polly was cra.. I mean, busy, and dropped out, we finally managed to secure a very enthusiastic, terribly nice and rather reliable (ie, the only reason he may not be able to turn up to session is due to being on call for work) player. Huzzar!

And as I sit here drinking my Lucky Cup (or Bubble Tea, depending who you speak to) which was bought for me by some rather attractive young asian man, I plan for the first session of a cross-household game (ie all the members of one house to RP with all the members of another house). Anime dark fantasy, with all the players playing elves. ELVES! How cool is that? Short campaign, likely to be followed up with either me running a short mecha game or Jye running something.

And all the time I've spent playing FFIX is reinspiring me to get around to running that FFIX game I was thinking about. Did I mention that last night I made a final fantasy black mage hat? Yeah! W00t! I rock so mcuh I can barely contain my m4d l33t sk177z!


(...pant pant pant...)

It's okay... I think I've recovered now...
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