October 2nd, 2002

smirk - by me

Suspiciously good news

So far today I've had a rather lot of suspiciously good news. I say suspiciously because I am a firm believer in karma, and not only to I believe that in a former life I was some kind of mass-baby-eating-murderer or something (and thus I have a rather large karmic debt), but aslo I believe that anything good that happens to me brings with it the dire threat of fate balancing things out and something bad happening in return...

In any case, niki-chan is bored but healthy, and my odd dreams are just that - odd dreams. Still, it can't hurt to be over vigilant sometimes. I dreams that I just up and left Melbourne and visited her in Japan with no money, no job and a whole lot of problems trying to track me down. She introduced me to her house mates, gave me a brief tour of dream-Osaka and took me to the school where she teaches. It was all very much like the dream sequences in Twin Peaks - believable in their own way, just rather surreal.

Any way, the other piece of suspiciously good news came from my supervisor. Now, I've been going on about how much this assay which I' doing, which takes 3 days, sucks and how it isn't working. What was happening was that the mice that I knew were sick and infected were not giving an antibody response to the bugs that I infected them with. Which is bad, I hear you say. Well, that is what everyone TOLD me for the passed two or so weeks. You see, I don't know much about it because I am a microbiologist, not an immunologist, so it's all latin to me.

Anyway, mu supervisor comes in today and says, 'by the way, I've had a think about your ELISAs, and something just occured to me'. Which is never good. As it turns out, there are two breeds of mice that this experiment has been done on in the past; BALB/c mice (the white, cute and sweet things) and Black 6 mice (previously knows as Satan mice). I did my experiment on BALB/cs. Which is important because while both breeds of mice give alveolar bone loss (their jaws dissolve), only Black 6 mice give a strong antibody response to the bugs.

Which means that my results were right all along.

I laughed when I found out, but now I feel a little chaffed by the whole thing. Having looked at previous studies, I now realise that me results do give basically the same data as has been shown previously.

As I said, it is all rather suspiciously good news. Yesterday I was thinking about giving it all up and becoming a lab tech in some high school, today I dream about Nobel prizes. It is all very up and down in a PhD, I was warned, but only now do I take that seriously.

I think it is safest to be suspicious...
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smirk - by me

the rest of today

Jye is still very sick and is coughing a lot. Kept me up all night because when I told him to take some cough medicine, he took the expectorant. Stuff wot makes you cough more. We are thus both very tired today.

My knee is playing up again, and I think I've worked out why; in kata number 6 in naginata we do this wierd twisty thing where we tuck one knee into the crook of the other, turn our bodies about 180 degrees and squat with the knees. I think the combination of the whole twist/tuck/squat thing is what does it. Which sucks, because I quite like kata number 6, and I still need to practice it a whole lot.

And, having not skipped a meal for almost a whole week now, I must say that food is a remarkable medicine if taken correctly. While I am now hungrier at meal times, I seem to have lost some weight. I now have but 3-4 tiny kilos to go until I hit my goal weight! And I havn't felt light-headed all week. These things seem to be good.

I am having dinner with my mother tonight (I've cajoled her into taking me to one of my fav Japanese places), and I should be seeing a film on saturday with Cameron. Also, my Harry Potter session went quite well last night, so it all seems good from here. Yay!
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