October 13th, 2002

smirk - by me

Green and growing things

While spring and I have a difficult relationship at best, I must say that I like many of the aspects it holds. I've had a rather nice few days, and while I may be stuck in the lab on the weekend today, things seem all in all rather pleasant.

Mrs Nagae is going away for three weeks, and the highest graded student at the moment works in politics and has a sporadic attendance. And given that so many other of the higher graded students are away at the moment, it means that I am probably going to be the acting Senpai. o.O; It's all a little scarey, but as Mrs Nagae asked me to do it, she obviously has some faith in me.

Then yesterday night we (Jye and I) went to Tom's house to hang out and such. Tom plyed me with alcohol, which was rather nice, but I suspect that no one else in the house was girly enough the drink the UDL that was lying around. :) It was a terribly wonderful evening. At one point I ended up on the nature strip wrapt in a huge black polar fleece blanket, drinking gin and tonic out and leaning up against a tree while the lightning flashed and the thunder rolled and the rain poured down in heavy, warm drops. I think I started singing Danny Boy at some point, which is odd for me.

Completely lost track of time, that's how much of a good time I had. Jye had to steer me home at about 2 or 3 in the morning. Apparently, I steer like a cow. ;p

Kingdom Hearts is a very fun game. I'd just like to say that.

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