October 17th, 2002

smirk - by me

Has the world gone MAD and not told me?

I was in the city today at lunch, looking for a special light-bulb to fix the camera/lightbox thing which I broke today (the second thing I've broken then fixed this week - the first being the autoclave...) when I passed through the Myer purfume/cosmetics whatzit.

You know the one, where black, white or beige clad bored, underpaid women spray you uncerimoniously with some ghastly smelling stuff and say in a forced saccrine voice "Would you like to try our new fragrance?". You know the place, you know it sucks. But, hell - it's a short cut.

So there I was, minding my own business, when I see these people at a purfume stand. The first thing I notice is that they are wearing bright purple t-shirts, which is odd enough. But more oddly, the people handing out the purfume were young, thin, attractive MEN! Boys, really. Tall and dark haired and clean shaven. Well dressed. If I wasn't so weirded out, I would have stopped to check them out (a sure sign that they were probably gay).

I mean, really. Men selling purfume. What the fuck.

In other news, I have stained and photographed my mouse jaws (finally). Just to give you an idea of what this entails, the three back teeth of a mouse's top jaw are on average a total of 3.5 millimeters long. I measure the bone loss in the jaw which support those 3.5 mm worth of teeth. My eyes hurt.
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