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January 21st, 2005

GMing Note to Self

Do not trust players.

They will attempt to break the campaign at every step.

The next D&D session will be... interesting...

Missing cons

I don't like missing cons. I really don't. It makes me feel sad, lonely, old, and way too responcible. I played SMS tag with sleazemonkey yesterday, who wanted to know if I was going to Arcon this year. When I told him probably not, he replied that they would cancel the con if I couldn't be there.

I know a whole lot of people who are writing this year, and they invariably have left it to the last minute. It makes me sad to see them lacking in such enthusiasm because, if truth be known, I am jealous of them. I hate running con games, but I love telling stories and presenting something for others to enjoy.

Arcanacon and Conquest each hold their own special place in my heart. Conquest is more nostalgic for me, a reminder of the good old days when I could attend all sessions and still be perky after the award ceremony, where cons felt like a home away from home - all of my friends and my adoptive family (for nuwishas_tail's friends all adopted me as a surrogate little sister) were there and made me feel more welcomed than I had ever been in my entire life.

Arcanacon, however, is a more serious affair for me. It was where I really cut my teeth as a game writer; not those silly, stupid modules that I do not speak of, but the ones that I tried my hardest at. Arcanacon has seen some of the best games I have written, and some of the games I am proudest of. To me, it was always the con I tried to give back all of the goodness, enjoyment and pleasure I have recieved in my con-going life.

(Let's not forget Unicon, while I'm at it. Unicon is a far much more personal affair to me, something I feel more connected with. It has always been "my" con, a much more intimate and relaxed environment, and has always felt more like an evening throwing dice with the boys rather than presenting a highly polished adventure for the Australian gaming community).

So, yeah. I miss you, Arcon. I miss you, con-goers. Have a fantastic con for me while I am gone.

Absolutely no surprises here

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