January 24th, 2005

sickly - by me


So I went to the con for two sessions. It was better than nothing by a long shot, and I was left nowhere near as unhappy as after Unicon last year.

I saw the shining people, I played their games, I was one of them for a while.

And today I have to go in to uni and fess up to my supervisor, and try to work out what the fuck I'm going to do about my student and his lack of results. And about the simple procedure I seem to be getting completely wrong every time I try it.

It's a wicked-bad come down, really.

I want to stay in bed today. I don't want to face anyone or anything. But I can't.
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geisha - sakura

Less whiny this time, I promise

So the con has left me with that "I wanna run a con game" vibe again. An talking with fiesty women about courtesans for a goodly portion of the day was a lerge part of that.

We have plans to run something for Unicon (although the three of us seem a little flat about it right now)

I may be writing a game with delwyn next year. Mmmmm - ninja.

And I have ideas for other games, to run eventually:

The re-running of the Arcadian Chronicles as a 3-session game
A light hearted DnD game called The elf, the thief, his wife and her lover
A sequel to the Exalted freeform, A Night Out in Nexus
A Legend of the Five Rings freeform
A sequel to the experimental Bishoujo Triad Ascension

And... yeah... maybe some others. Damn you PhD.

My current plan is to maybe recruit people to run my con games for me, but write them myself. Here's hoping there will be volunteers for my crazy plan!