February 7th, 2005

smirk - by me

Super B-Grade five minutes of fame one degree of separation

So, did any of you watch "The X-Factor" last night?

Do you remember the group entry Pablo? And the group entry of Suede? Both with that guy named 'Sam' in them? I went to school with him. I was in the school choir with him, and we were in a musical together. He's still buddy-buddy with at least one other guy that I still hang out with from school.

Just like that other guy from Pablo named Micheal, who did all the talking about how when Sam dropped out of their group they'd re-audition in Adelaide.

And you know what? Sam was arrogant then, and he is now.

The way I see it is that he's about 6 months away from doing the bum dance with Sarah-Marie from Big Brother.
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sullen princess - by me

My iPod tells me the strangest things

The men who love you
you hate the most,
They pass right through you
like a ghost,
They look for you
but your spirit is in the air,
Maybe you're nowhere.

You say in love
there are no rules,
You're so cruel.

- "So Cruel", U2
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sullen princess - by me

Why I hate being a scientist, #1067

Even if you discover something new and earth-shatteringly important, people will not be happy. In fact, they will get irritated, and make you do things you have no interest in. And woe betide you if you are a student, for your work will quickly get absorbed into more important people's.