February 9th, 2005

sickly - by me

Dear World

Congratulations! You have broken a person!

Through constant torment, kicking them while they were down and turning virtually all forces against them, your taget was officially beyond reason with sadness. Extra bonus points for using the tag-team effect for the straw which broke the camel's back - proving all of her work efforts to be in vain with a recurring problem that no-one casn explain, and having someone be so intensely rude to the target that they were left feeling devalued, dehumanised and completely ostracised from society!

The target in question has retreated to their home base and will spend the majority of the day trying not to think about work, until the target realises in abject misery that they myst return to work to meet unrealistic deadlines!

On behalf of the Cruelty to Random People Society, we salute you!
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And now for something completely different

Wil Wheaton, of www.wilwheaton.net fame (and of, you know, Star Trek Next Gen and Stand By Me), has been posting about his sick cat in the past week. As you all know, my cat has been very sick before, and I get totally suckered in when I hear about other people's beloved pets being unwell. So I've been reading Wil's blog more frenquently, hoping to hear good news about Sketch (the cat), when today he posted this entry:


HOLY CRAP! Wil is the coolest.

Now I resturn to my self-indulgent moping.