February 10th, 2005


Questionable Science Theatre - Female Nomanclature 101

Today of QST, I shall bring to light a few pointers that may help you understand the more deadly of the sexes a little better or, at least be forwarned. Many of you say that women are crazy and random in their actions... I put it to you, however, that they are not as crazy as they seem; you just do not understand some of the basic principles of female nomenclature.

The first principle is known as The Rule of Sarahs.

This one is remarkably simple, and the logic behind it was formulated at least in part by boomzilla and delwyn. It is based on the fundemental law that "all Sarahs are dodgey". Think about those simple four words for a moment. Now, think of as many Sarahs as you can. Our observations tell us that even if you cannot see the dodginess on the surface, it will be there... somewhere...

The second principle is The Rebecca Conundrum.

Just as all Sarahs are dodgey, all Rebeccas share one unifying, though unusual quality. However, unlike Sarahs (the basic dodginess of which can be observed at any time regardless of environment), the Rebecca Conundrum can only be observed when two Rebeccas come into contact with eachother. Rebeccas, upon first meeting eachother, will imediately for either a close bond which will unite them in friendship until their dying days OR will instantly hate eachother to the point of calling out a blood feud. No-one knows exactly why or how this happens, only that Rebeccas will either love or dispise eachother. Therefore, great care must be taken when attempting to introduce Rebeccas.

These two concepts are but the beginning of a unifying understanding of the more deadly of the species. You are been warned. This has been a public service announcement.
japanesque - by matcha_pocky

TV that Makes Me Angry

My new pet hate? "Medical Investigation", thursdays at 9.30. I wanted to like it, but it makes me full of rage. I am a rage bunny.

Take CSI (the bad parts) and mash it into ER (also the bad parts).

I find it insulting on an intellectual and a professional level. I mean, they took a swab, fed it into a computer, and then all these pictures of bacteria started flashing across the screen. A mix of EM images and Gram Stains. What the holy crap is up with that.

They actually used the line, "Now you're thinking like an epidemiologist".

And they have been mispronounciing bacterial species names.

Soon there are going to be legions of teenagers who think they know what it means to be a microbiologist/epidemiologist just because they've watched a TV show. Mark my words, this show is going to do to my field was Agent Dana Scully did to forensic science.