February 23rd, 2005

japanesque - by matcha_pocky


Things fucked up again at work.

Not surprising, in and of itself, except that it is well and truly not my fault, which is kind of a nice change.

Waiting for the stupid sales rep to come in and explain to me how a piece of equipment we bought from them is so sensitive to power surges that it has fucked up three of my experiments thus far. He's loaning us a $3000 cable 'conditioner', which helps protect the hardware from power spikes as well as logging them (note - they only "think" that the problem is due to power spikes). My question is, why was it not included in the first place? Or at least a surge protector or something?


Nothing better than having to clean up bacterial culture which has spewed out across bench-tops and all over electrical cables and such. I managed to avoid having the pressurised culture explode all over me this time, which was nice.

Oh, and I finally have to have that meeting with both my supervisors tomorrow - you know, the one I've been avoiding for a few weeks?