February 28th, 2005

destroyer of Orcus, Bunyip

Whining, job hunting and random RPG spam

I'm cutting the whining, because I know it's tedious. Collapse )

I bought The Age and the Australian on Saturday, following nuwishas_tail's advice, and scoured the 'Health' sections of the job listings for anything I could qualify for. Reasearch Assistant possitions and Medical Scientist Grade 1 lisings. Between the two papers I only found about six jobs, which was more than a little disheartening, but one of them asked for someone with a background in microbiology, which is not something you see every day. Time to get my resume up to date and actually complete my CV (a daunting task in and of itself).

If anyone in the know knows somewhere looking for a biological scientist (with limited job experience, but you know, I've had 3 years experience in a PhD), let me know.

The RPG schedual has been knocked up another notch. Last Wed was my D&D game, last Sat was bishi_wannabe's Dragon Blooded game, tomorrow is mousebane's last ever 7th Sea session, the day after is another D&D night for me, and then saturday is the Dragon Blooded game once more. Yikes. bishi_wannabe recently shipped in Xenosaga II from the states, which poses and interesting problem as I am still really keen to play KOTOR II (circumstances have stopped me recently). I am expecting arguments over the TV to occur.

Also! I'd just like to say that Square is showing off something chronic with the GBA game, Kingdom Hearts - Chain of Memories. I mean, come on, Square! We all know you are putting the end of game cut scene from the PS2 Kingdom Hearts game on the Game Boy Advanced just to make every other GBA game company feel inadequate.
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