March 9th, 2005

witch hunter robin - by me

Borning updates


We cleaned and cleaned and cleaned some more. I did all sorts of crazy scrubbing in the kitchen yesterday. Anyway, the owner has been and gone (as evidenced by the boxes moved from infront of the cat-flap (as a safety measure to keep bunyip_the_cat inside and cancer free)). I'm guessing it all went okay.

Stupid work

I've been doing a series of experiments this week which will probably take me into next week as well. Not too difficult, not too time consuming, but a whole lot of hanging around and waiting for people to process my samples (as I am not trained to use the new swanky machine in question). Pardon my science babble for the moment;

I am working on an accurate method of quantitating T. denticola cell numbers from the chemostat, because I got put over the coals for not having clean, tight results. Thusly, I am taking cell samples of known volumes and preparing them for DNA quantification (to work out cell number by chromosome weight) and real-time PCR (which will basically do the same thing as the DNA quant, but it should validate my results and thus give them more weight), and taking cells from the same sample for flow cytometry (using SYTO stain). The flow gives us results within about an hour of starting the experiment (including all the random dicking around), and thusly we've got some data of cell numbers vs. OD for my culture thus far.

I had a look at the raw data and said, mostly to myself but in earshot of my supervisor, "Hmmm... looks like there's an exponential relationship between the cells and OD". To which he replied, "It's probably just linear".

We put the data on a graph, and you know what? Exponential. We gave the graph an exponential Y axis, and the points formed a line as flat and smooth as a dojo floor. The line of best fit lay perfectly on top of the points, with a regression of 1. I've seldom seen such a clean line. (And yes, I know it is possible to come up with an exponential graph that intersects any three points perfectly, but let me have my monet of glory.) Apparently, my mathmatical spider senses were tingling earlier on.

Go science brain, go!


The owner of a random lj I visit (not on my friends list, mind you) was involved with some rather tedious on-line drama recently, and has decided (quite uncharacteristically) to be a boring dork about the whole affair and friends-only-ed his journal. I'm irritated because he posts all sorts of hilarity which I had come to reply upon to make the internet interesting. While it is possible that he will unlock his lj to the public, I am bored now and seek instant humour gratification.

Any suggestions of my next-lj-fix are welcome.