March 11th, 2005

uncle scrotor - by me


Impromptu DDR with matcha_pocky last night.

Had to wrestle the big screen machine from some tragic baby-goths (ahhh, when two generations of goths meet in the night), but later they hung around watching our fu.

We were off form for most of the night, being out of practice and fitness and such, but we did have our own special moments to shine in. Revisited old favourites, though my step counts were not up to par in my opinion.

And then, the last dance swung around after about an hour and a half of faffing about. With our last hurrah we chose Afronova, light mode, the five feet version. Complicated, fast, energetic and crazy, it is always a good choice for the last dance.

The chaotic drum beats started, and I hit my zen phase for the evening.

I did not miss a step.

Not even the crazy part at the end! I was, at last, in L337* form. My ninja-ness was undisputed. The fu was strong in this one.

In the city on the way home, I walked passed the baby-goths from the arcade, and smiled at my own coolness as the dulcet tunes of Jimi Hendrix's guitar surrounded me from my iPod.

Sometimes, I rock.

* And sometimes I don't.
smirk - by me

An evening of (dull) happenings

I left uni earlier than usual today, because I had a date with destiny. By destiny I mean Anton's, and by date I mean I called them up earlier about mabye getting some corsetry for nuwishas_tail and greenwytch's wedding.

It actually went much better than anyone had thought it would. They didn't laugh when I told them about bthe tartan train (and they will be doing what they can to track down a seamstress to make the damn thing for me), they had a corset fabric which was exactly the right colour (it's a lovely dark green, somewhere between the blue and the green in the tartan, and has the patterns of ivy running through it), they had a skirt which - when tried on - worked really well with what I had in mind for it, and I tried on two corsets which looked fantastic on me, but eventually went for the more Victorian styled one (I'm after a much sleeker line, rather than a curvy fullness).

A corset has been ordered, the dress put out the back for me, and a deposit has been paid. All in all, not bad work for an afternoon.

While the corset does have a little give in terms of sizing (because, you know, it's a corset), I still have to now be careful about gaining or losing too much weight in the next three months. I want to lose a little, but I can't lose too much. Hopefully it will all be okay.

I'm still going to need to do something about shoes (does anybody know where I can get some Victorian-style bootlets?) and the train (but the fabric isn't even in the country yet, so there's less of a rush on it). Jewelry, hair and make up are still up in the air, but what can you do.

Work (at the game store) was not too bad. I wore my recently acquired RPG-menu shirt (from and was a true geek. I also nabbed some pretty groovy freebies this week, including a Metal Gear Solid 3 t-shirt, a swanky Gamesrush girl shirt (which is made of this funky space-aged fabric or something), and a Devil May Cry 3 belt.

In summary, today was a day for me to get stuff. :)