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March 14th, 2005

Productivity Report

Went to training on Saturday to discover that I didn't organise the right food for dinner on the 15th (with the nitaidai). Organised the rest of the dinner (and someone to pick up said dinner) that afternoon, as well as some shopping.

Also saw people working on one of the "sets" for Ghost Rider on little Lonsdale. Road all torn up, streetlights all melted, cars all bashed... almost as if some flaming, big-assed motorctycle had torn through the street. Who would have guessed.

I may have found shoes for the wedding, as well as a seamstress.

Work is still poo.

Tonight will be spent working on the session for Wednesday. All I can say is that my players had better appreciate my efforts, or I may snap and have a TPK session. Rah!