March 29th, 2005

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Breaking silences

Stuff. Whole bunches of it, actually, but none of it very exciting. I was sick, but got better. I may be getting sick again, but I am trying to convince myself that isn't the case. House hunting is continuing. Most of my holiday was spent working. I've found that I seem to highly strung at the moment that when I eventually get time off I am too edgy to do anything - I feel like I should be doing things, but things just don't hold my attention. Nothing is interesting, vibrant, exciting, or worth my while doing.

I want to be happy, I really do, but it just seems to be so much effort.

I was surpised today by the real estate agents, owner, and various other evaluators/painters this morning who had apparently arranged to come view the house today. bishi_wannabe had been told, but he hadn't passed the mesage on because he thought it was for *next* week. Needless to say, the house was a complete state and I was thoroughly embarassed. It worked out okay, though, in the end.

The owner thanked me/us for looking after the house for her for the passed three years, and appologised that she had to move us out. It turns out that she needs the mother because she has just had a baby and her partner has been very unwell and unable to work. She wants to help us out as much as she can, which is something I really appreciate. Good thing I'm over being annoyed now, eh?

The real estate agent also just happened to have the keys to the old place on Melrose st which we were thinking of having a look at, so she drove me down for a quick look. It hasn't really changed much, which is a shame because it could have used some work, and she told me some horror stories about what had gone on with the previous tennant. Heh.

At least two house inspections tomorrow, including one which is on the same block as morsla, which would be kinda cool. Wish me house-hunt luck.

Also a naginata demo at the kenshikan, and D&D. Not that I've double-booked or anything. Eeep.
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On another note...

You know who I feel bad for? Molly Meldrum. Or however it's spelt. The guy with the hat.

Every time an Australian entertainment celebrity dies, reporters always go to him and get his comments. From what I understand, Molly Meldrum is supposed to be a really lovely guy. Sure, he gets to jet about and meet famous people and make a whole lot of money for doing not very much, but just think about it for a moment. He meets these people, these amazing people who he would at least occasionally form friendships with and what have you, and as soon as one of them dies he is called out by the media to comment on the tragedy of it all.

It just strikes me as a little unfair. I know if anything happened to anyone I was friends with, or even an acquaintance of, I wouldn't want to be expected to release sound bites about their life and times, and how unfortunate the whole situation is.

Just a random thought.