April 8th, 2005

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Freak magnet

I was stood up by a real estate agent who had called me up THAT DAY to organise a viewing THAT DAY. "Oh," she said when I called her to ask what the fuck was up with that, "you must have been one of the people on my list that I DIDN'T CALL BACK". Way to make me feel unimportant, stupid real estate lady.

On my way home, at a pedestrian crossing, a lady said to me, "I like your style. Your outfit - I like it." I said thankyou, and as we were crossing the road together, I asked her is she was from europe (for she had an accent.

The floodgates opened. She was South American, from Brazil, and boy, did she like to talk. She talked to me for half an hour about her life and times, taking a cue from one of my few interjections of "I'm looking for a house to move into", and gave me warnings about housemates. She was really funny, and her stories were quite interesting as far as random-person-stopping-you-on-the-street stories go.

After sharing laughter and advice on houses, we went our seperate ways.

It was odd, but this sort of thing happens to me, so I guess I shouldn't be too surprised.

I have also started the packing process. Our hallway is slowly filling up with filled boxes. I feel kind of apprehensive about the packing process, because I have already filled a whole bunch of boxes without really scratching the surface of the stuff-to-be-packed mass. I've taken a whole bunch of boxes home from work, but we've run out here (as another person is moving, and nabbed boxes before I could get to them). I hate moving.
flying cat - by me


We were aproved for the house we wanted more than the skanky other houses in the area!

Yay! Less stress for me.

We get the keys on the 21st, and need to be out of this place on the 25th. Thusly we will be moving on the weekend on the 23rd-24th.

Anybody who wants to help with the moving thing (particularly those of you with cars, and especially those with trailers/vans/utes) are hereby officially begged to help! Leave a comment with your email (and delete is straight away if you like - I will still be emailed your comment, and thus your adress), and I will give you all the details.

This means that in the near future, probably late May, there will be a combined house-warming/birthday-for-me/my-god-I-hate-this-PhD party where I demand alcohol in return for hospitality. I'm planning on cooking a red velvet cake. You have been warned.
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