April 14th, 2005

sickly - by me

The ends of eras

First, I whine. Collapse )

To other things. I'll put up a session report later, but last night was the last session of my D&D game in my current house. The next session will be but a few days after we move, so I'd best think of some plot in the meantime... And I taught my players a valuable lesson about getting cocky. Bam, I say. Not a total party kill, but if the dice had been a little more even (the players were rolling really well, and I was rolling quite poorly) the situation would have been very interesting in the Chinese sense.

Moving stuff. morsla is trying to convince me to hire a small van for the move. I will speak to nuwishas_tail about it, seeing as how he also brought it up. My theory is that if nuwishas_tail is game to deal with all the truckful hire and drive, and I hand him money to make the problem go away, then everything will be okay.

We shall see.

In other news, I am terribly glad I don't take myself too seriously, or I would be in worse shape.

Stuff and things

Thanks to various people for offers of financial support. If it comes down to it, my folks have said in the past that they will support me (if need be) so long as I am in full time study; ergo, if I am without scholarship for a fortnight, I am sure I can be the whiney daughter until I get enough cash to scrape by.

That being said, I am not above selling places in the acknowledgements of my thesis/ My parents raised me to be (at least in some instances) a good little capitalist. I am looking at you, designadrug.

Two out of the three people who I needed to sign something have signed it. I should be able to get it signed and handed in tomorrow with no additional dramas.

The changing over of utilities has been organised. We will be keeping the same home phone number. I have booked the carpets to be cleaned. I have also arranged the hire of a 1 tonne van, to be driven by nuwishas_tail on the 23rd - the moving day.

I should take bunyip_the_cat in for a check up and for her shots before we move, seeing as how we are so close to the vets at the moment. I'm sure she will love it. Actually, she's pretty good at the vets, and barely complains about the shots - she just hates the carry cage and the waiting room. Her new cage, a present from bishi_wannabe from when she was undergoing surgery last year, is better for her I think, because she can see more. She likes to watch.


And yes, that *is* creepy.

I am also drinkinating, because I have had a bad week. Go booze, go!