April 22nd, 2005


DOOOOM!!!... just a little...

My scholarship wasn't renewed! I only recieved a half-pay! DOOOOOOM!!!!

It wasn't renewed because of an administrative stuff up. I will get paid next pay period, with back pay for the time I miss out on.

I have also been squirelling money away "just in case", so I have enough money to deal with moving vans, carpet cleaners, additional fees for utilities, groceries and bills for two weeks. So it's not so bad.

Also, we got the keys yesterday and wandred around our new (empty) house, doing the condition report and trying to get excited about where we are going to put all our stuff. And our oven door doesn't close properly, which is sad, but we have ALREADY put in a condition report.

We may need more seating, though. Chairs and the like. I'm thinking maybe beanbags.

And my "Flaming Homer" experiment last night failed dismally, mostly because we had no mixers left in the house.

SO yeah. Tonight is our last night in the current house. I'm sure I'll be up all night doing last minute packing. House moving always makes me a little anxious.
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