April 27th, 2005


A new house, a new life

It's funny how moving house can not only change your routine, but your entire way of life. I know it's early days yet, but thus far I have found myself going back to old habits I haven't done since before I moved in with bishi_wannabe; having a shower in the evening, waking up before my alarm, having breakfast, making myself a packed lunch, getting to work early, that sort of thing. These things, plus the extra excercise of walking that little bit furhter each day and up and down the stairs each night will probably make me a healthier person.

Also, I am counter-acting my lack of planning for my DnD session tonight with the plan to stuff my players so full of good food that they fall asleep. One of the added health-benefits of our new location is the fact that there is a fairly-ecclectically stocked supermarket five minutes walk away, with an asian grocery store right next door. Thusly, I have devised the following banquet for my players tonight;Collapse )

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