April 28th, 2005


All social like

For any of you who met the fabled 71, you will know that while it was a nice enough house, it wasn't perhaps the best house for siocialising in. The wrong feng shui, the wrong shape, the wrong size.

The new house, however, seems pretty damn good for having company in. The acoustics, strangely enough, seem to be the most appealing thing for me. You don't have to yell to be heard in another room - sound just carries really well. Not such a good thing when you *don't* want to be heard, I suppose, but still quite nice. It does not feel as cramped, either, partly because it is in fact much larger but also because it uses the space much better.

Anyway, we had the D&D boys over last night. morsla helped me with the cooking, especially in the final stages of four-dishes-being-cooked-at-once-for-gods-sake-don't-burn-anything. We all ate too much, I for one drank too much (but not too too much), and we threw dice. It was a good night.

A session report will follow on house_fiona, but as for the social fu of the evening, I'd have to give the house winning points. Yay!