May 2nd, 2005


Weekend of endings and martial forms

I took bunyip_the_cat's advice (as translated by morsla).Collapse )

Speaking of new found discoveries, a little while agoCollapse )

I have also started to learn koryu naginata, old old school naginata.Collapse )

And on somethng not related to martial arts, I've been thinking about that game I may or may not run at Unicon 2005.Collapse )

Also, there is someone out there who shall remain nameless for the time being who has been taking some very questionable actions lately. I like this person, so I will give them fair and anonymous warning; if you keep doing silly things, I will personally find you and slap you until you see reason. I have no problems playing the bad cop to everybody-else's good cop, because I am a mean-spirited cow with good intentions.

Tough love, coming your way. So behave.

*shakes fist*
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