May 10th, 2005

sickly - by me

mmmmm - queezy

I took yesterday off, despite the billions of things I needed to do (and thusly will have to do today), because I was ill. Queezy, to be precise. Not quite nauseous, not quite motion-sick, just a bit headachey and feeling like I was about to feel sick.

It was a productive day in it's own way. I did some beading, just to do something with my hands, and I finally finished sewing my House Fiona banner which I have been working on for over a year. In that it was in the "I must finish this one day" pile of sewing that I have.

Still a bit queezy today, and headachey, but work cannot be put off any longer and it's not like I am *really* sick, just under the weather. I'm probably just run down or something. More work'll fix that. :P