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May 23rd, 2005

Greet the Dawn

Party - Trash included.Read more...Collapse )

Romance - Trash included.Read more...Collapse )

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Eurotrash girl

Oh em gee!!!

eurovision; totally added.

meme sheep

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Also, I have bought the Eurovision 2005 CD, and plan to inflict it on others. Go me. :)

Many update madness!

kittenwar.com, as nabbed from punk_rock_nerd. But with a difference!

All hail the might of bunyip_the_cat!!!



So my manager at the game store got chewed out because of labour costs - too many casual staff working, not enough money being made. He's had to cut all of the casual hours for at least a couple of weeks.

I asked him right out if this was a nice way of cutting my hours forever, and he said no... which is good, I suppose. The downside? I won't be working for two to four weeks, which means I'll be down $200-300. That may not sound like much to all you folk with full-time jobs, but those extra few dollars help fill the gaps my tiny scholarship doesn't quite cover.

On the up-side, my friday nights will be free for the next two to four weeks, including June 3rd (the day after my birthday, in case any of you CARE). The only problem with *that* being that I won't exactly have a disposable income, so if I go out and do stuff it has to be on other people's money.

But, you know, it's not like that has stopped me in the past; I am an expert at flashing a winning smile in return for a drink at a club.