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June 14th, 2005

One thousand shades of gray

So many different levels of bland.Read more...Collapse )

Look out! It's coming right for us!

So. I am a colossal-nerdy-fan-monster. But we already knew that.

I've been encouraged by the warm reception I've had to my cooking ventures lately, not the least of which being my version of Bubbie's shortbread, my surprising chicken nachos, my secret green-tea-an-miso beef recipe, and my triology of death fudge (as I recently worked out the mysteries of dark chocolate).

It is almost like I have uncovered a secret talent, or have been bitten by a radioactive spider and gained super powers. I am quite honestly surprised by this, as for most of my life I had been lead to believe that my cooking was sub-par.

In any case, as we all know, when my fandom hits new and dangerous heights, I am likely to start doing some odd things. In the spirit of this, having spent a great deal of time recently listening to the LotR I have been once more swept up with this fan-ish mania of mine.

For I will, you see, be attempting to make lembas. A quick google search lead me to four or five likely recipes, and I will go from there. This could all be an awful mistake... or my D&D players could soon be demanding waybread in place of shortbread at games. Time will tell...

EDIT: Hah. I know what I want for christmas. :) http://www.cafepress.com/hot_elf_swag