June 15th, 2005

smirk - by me

Multiple madnesses

A madness has me. Can someone tell me about BIFF or equivalent LARP groups and their expeditions?

Also (in an embarassingly related note), my lembas bread was a kind of success. It was tasty, somewhere between scones and shortbread, with a spicy tang. Unfortunately, they were heavier than they looked, and not the sort of thing I would recommend eating unless you were planning on a full day's march - I felt full of butter the whole night. But the tastiness makes you want to eat more, despite the butter content.

I'm planning on a second batch, with a few modifications (half cream, half milk, rather than all cream, as well as making them a bit thinner. The thiness should make them less damp (though the dampness was not unpleasant) and more manageable).