June 24th, 2005

geisha - sakura


I have nothing really exciting to say, because I spent yesterday at home doing nothing. I just couldn't be bothered facing the world, so I sat, wrapped in a blanket, and did little more than breathe and eat.

Random lab maintainance stuff today - which is boring, even by my standards.

Today I am picking up my train for the brother's wedding. On Sunday my day is pretty much a write off because I need to get to the wedding rehersal, but need to do a fair chunk of it via PT. Sigh. Saturday is training, of which I little enthusiasm for at the moment, but I need to go anyway. Oh, and I need to clean the house (or at least vacuum).

This whole working for 12 hours on fridays thing is not pleasant at all. I'm tired and have no energy for it.

I also realised that I need to buy a wedding present. Which means working more to get more money. Gah.

What I'd really like is something great and fantasic to happen to give me some much needed enthusiasm for life in general.

I'm such an idealist.
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More Bland Updates

Having finally decided on a wedding present (after running the idea past a friend of mine at work who got married fairly recently), there is one less thing for me to angst about. However! So as not to disappoint me, the universe decided to throw me yet another unexpected curve ball of irritation - the tram line I am supposed to catch to get to my brother's house on Sunday is under construction on that day. Which means there will be a bus running for a section of my journey, which means it will take me even longer than I had at first thought.



Less faffing about, more getting picked up from train stations. It's all been largely worked out. Take that, Murphy!