October 18th, 2005



Big thanks to the following people who were extra-specially nice to me this weekend;

* designadrug, who has left me both greatful, inspired and UTTERLY TERRIFIED with the loan of his thesis

* delwyn, who offered to go on a supermarket run for me when I was apoleptic with stress

* morsla for giving me bunches of basil and mint, and aeliel for the gift of chocolate-chip cookies.

Big big love love.
jackalope - by me

Aggressive intelligence

You know, when I read the following sentence about periodontitis:

"It is primarily the result of a finite number of bacterial species within a complex biofilm on the subgingival surface of teeth." (Eley and Cox, 2000)

I can't help but think, "No, it really isn't". I can't be bothered going into why this statement is wrong in many ways, just take my word for it. This is what happens when dentists try to convince themselves that they are scientists.

In other news, I love archaic words which no-one uses anymore, but that they really should. Like fecundity, mucilaginous, and consortium. You folk are all smart - help me make a list of words to include (somewhere) in my thesis.