December 5th, 2005

uncle scrotor - by me

Changeling and Cthulhu

I am kind of amused (in a black humour sort of way) that the "don't rape her" meme (which I have only seen once, and it was something I had to actually looking for) has spawned an anti-meme - the people who post saying that they are NOT posting the "don't rape her" meme. Don't misundertand, I find the meme itself ill-informed and people's reasons for not posting it quite valid and reasonable... I just find the whole meme, anti-meme thing a bit funny, seperate from the subject matter.

Apparently, the Changeling 2nd Ed book I assumed was lost in the mail was infact not! I'm going to pick it up from the post office today. Which means that I'll end up with two copies of the 2nd ed core rules, but you know, I don't mind that much.

I've also been playing "Call of Cthulhu - the Dark Corners of the Earth" for the XBox. Collapse )
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