April 10th, 2007

dnd - by me

Conquest in review

There was a con. I ran a game. All was good.

I played in three games, "The A Team", "A Day of Wine and Roses" and "Pathway to Eternity". They were all enjoyable, but I could have gone for a bit more in-depth characters; mind you, with the "A Team" I knew what I was getting myself in for, and with "A Day of Wine and Roses" there was only so much depth a non-Amber person like me could bring to an Amber Freeform. No harm done, mind you. :)

Now, the writer's review of "All Hallow's Eve". Collapse )

Now, of course, I am left with some decisions to make. Collapse )
tea house


Helping people feels good!

Having 15 war gaming tables fall on top of you while helping does not feel good! It feels very painful. It feels more painful as time goes on and adrenaline leaves your system and bruising developes.

Fortunately I'm not permanently damaged, but I *will* sook for a few days, mark my words.