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Fear my uncanny ability to kill

I've come to a disturbing conclusion. I kill web comics. No, seriously, I do. I have this unnatural ability to make webcomics die shortly after I start visiting them - often within a few days. These are not flash in the pan comic, but comics which have been around for years before I get to them.

You don't believe me? Behold, some of the fallen;

Acid Reflux
Elf Only Inn
Sexy Losers
Bigger than Cheeses
Silence the Comic
Frightmore University

And probably many others now lost to the sands of time. I want to start reading more webcomics, but I'm terrified of killing them with my very presence. Eeep.


Oct. 19th, 2004 08:58 pm (UTC)
Hehe yeah, I keep checking Mac Hall twice a week anyway, just in case there's been an update.

You'd probably enjoy Apple Geeks, it's a similar feel to Mac Hall since it's also done by a pair of college students.

Girl vs Pig varies between die-laughing and wtf?!? humour, and the author of VG Cats does some very disturbing things with well known video game characters.

As for Ghastly, I've been sorely tempted to get a Buck Cake t-shirt, disturbing as it is :)