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mmmmm - rain

I love it when it rains so hard that the huge, fat drops fly past the window at about 45 degrees. It's great.

The migrane seems to have abated, which is nice, but my eyes are beginning to do that crazy not-quite-aching-not-quite-focussing thing, so it may return. Pain-killer candy for me.

I'm trying to hype myself up for DnD tonight (house_fiona for more details), but various events have left me feeling a little soured towards the session. Long story, not very important, mostly involving me being more invested in the game than is worth anybody's while. I won't bore you with the details.

I'm saturating myself with Jane Austen. I've been listening to various books on CD (or iPod, I should say). I've been watching movies and mini-series adapted from her books. I've started reading Pride and Prejudice. I feel positively learned. Hungry, too. Will search for food.

Supervisors seeming less crazy today, which is nice.
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