Becka (miss_rynn) wrote,

Don't forget - NaNoWriMo!!

All you intrepid NaNo kids out there, don't forget that it starts on Monday!!! I'm looking at you, mousebane!!! And I'll be looking at you, vorex, in December! Better late than never, I suppose. :)

I've bought two new pens in anticipation, and my mad plan to hand write the beast will no doubt cause me to have one very buff arm afterwards. Mmmm - writer's cramp, my favourite. :) I still need to work out roughly how many words I write to a page, then work out how many pages I need to write. I wonder, do I write or type faster? I seem to do both pretty quickly (although my typing style is far from ideal, and my hand writing is, how should I put it, quite unique).

Don't forget, I am allowed to give up this year. I have an excuse. Or at least, that's my excuse for having an excuse.
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