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Beer for lunch

I found an Asahi in the fridge when I went looking for food, and realised I was too lazy to make anything to eat. Therefore, beer.

On Holloween we had two sets of trick or treaters! This never happens. Fortunately, I had candy ready just in case. :)

Monday was the start of the ever-important NaNoWriMo... and a poor start I got off to indeed. I think I can probably catch it up today sometime, but the main problem I've discovered with hand-writing the thing this year is that until I am confident with how many words I write per page, I am still having to stop every 500 or so words to count just how many words I have done. I'm using Excell to do work out my average of words per page, because I am a colossal nerd. My predicted words per page is 196.0784314, with an R^2 value of 0.993, which means I need to write 10.2 pages per day to meet my 2000 word a day quota.

See? Nerd.

Yesterday I went to see Steam Boy with a guy I know called Mark - it was fan-fucking-tastic, if you are as into artistic vision as I am. The plot didn't really grab me, but the details did. Go see it - you won't regret it.

Now, I have beer to drink and words to catch up on. Current word count: 3,731
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