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We saw Hero last night at the Nova. Not on a huge screen, but it was big enough. I cannot stress how important it is to see this film on a large screen. The costumes, the sets, the coreography of the fights, the HUGE numbers of extras crawling around... a TV just won't cut it.

bishi_wannabe went on about how it was a film with a heavy political message with some fight scenes thrown in (impressive fight scenes, yes, but you I think can see my point). I have to disagree with this, because I've never been one to follow fashion. I mean, it was political in the way that many samurai films are political, but the over-all message didn't strike me as particularly political or patriotic... It, to me, seemed more a film about honour, personal ideals, and duty.

In short (and I know I'm going to offend people with this one), it struck me as a chinese samurai film. But I have a biased opinion. I've always been more interested with japanese culture over chinese culture, and I'm familiar with themes from japanese stories more than those in chinese stories.

In any case, go see it. It's worth it. Also, I want to be Maggie Chueng when I grow up.

And in other news, bunyip_the_cat. I was bored.
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