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Some of you may have seen nuwishas_tail's recent entry on his Thanksgiving feasting. As you may have guessed, my folks have decided not to host a Thanksgiving meal this year because my mother "really wants to focus on having the house clean for christmas". Uh-huh.

Anyway, we spawn of the family love our turkey and are not to be detered. I am going to be roasting a whole turkey, because for some uncanny reason it's something I've picked up the racial memory to do, and I was planning on baking a pumpkin pie as well... but I couldn't get a hold of the filling (or pureed pumpkin in a can).


So I've been looking at other things to cook in the place of pumpkin pie (corn bread and possibly a cranberry cream pie as well), when I came across something I had thought was merely a legend. An urban myth. Something parents told their children to frighten them into good behaviour...

The tofu turkey. Or, as most would know it, the tofurkey.

I now have two recipes for the horror. I am tempted to give it a shot, if for no other reason than because it is so terrible that I will not be able to concieve of it until I try it...

Photos will follow of my cooking exploits.
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