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Thanksgiving 2004

I came, I cooked, I ate.

Yesterday was a day of many firsts - the first Thanksgiving I've (kinda) hosted without my parents, the first time I've helped cook for eight (which turned out to be seven in the end) people, the first time I cooked a variety of traditional American Turkey Day dishes. For matcha_pocky and astro_dust as well, I might add, for they helped with the cooking.

And you know what? It all worked. The only thing which was forgotten was the corn which I left in the microwave, and quite frankly we were in no need of extra food.

I cooked a pumpkin pie, a turkey with cranberry stuffing, corn bread (and I am so very glad I've found an easy recipe which seems to work really well), and candied yams (I had no idea how to cook these, so I just kind of made it up, and it worked out quite well - rather surprising, really). astro_dust made a fantastic bean salad, and was on hand to help matcha_pocky and I with our cooking needs (and they both helped immeasurably with helping me dispose of the turkey gravey-dregs... mmmm - turkey gravy). matcha_pocky baked apple pies, made the potatoes, cooked the beans, mixed the vegetarian jambalaya, and hosted the event.

There was so much food, we almost DIED.

Especially because when the boys showed up, they brought drinks, and mongoloidcousin brought corn bread and a death chocolate cake. rein_zero helped make the vegetarian stuffing (seeing was how it was all his) and, paradoxically, carved the turkey.

See my photos!

The only problem I have with cooking turkies (which I actually love to do) is that I get sore feet. Combined with training before hand and a partial walk home afterwards, my feet *still* hurt... I suspect that a soaking is in order.

It was fantastic. I wouldn't do it for more people than what we had, but it was fantastic. Happy Turkey Day, everyone.
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