Becka (miss_rynn) wrote,


Wprk last night... odd. I showed up straight after my Uni work Christmas lunch after having a few drinks, and was probably a little not quite with it enough to work properly, but I didn't make any major mistakes so it was all okay. Pointy-haired-boss caved before I even got there (the spineless worm!!) - apparently he got quite a talking to from several people. Wheather it had more to do with my whining rather than people actually thinking I am a valuable employee is still not really answered, but I don't care too much.

Super tired last night, but I had my usual problems sleeping.

Training. Hot, tiring, achy knees, but no bogu for me (zenichi practice instead!!). Almost passed out, but that was mostly after training, and this it was okay.

Helped morsla move house (majority of moving to be done tomorrow). Again, hot and tiring, but I enjoy helping so it was all okay. Plans were discussed for us to have Iron Chef battles against eachother in celebration to his relocation closer to where I live.

Very tired now. But, knowing my sleeping patterns... well, you get the idea.

Oh, and a goodly chunk of my christmas shopping is done. Yay me.
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