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Dearest all, friend or foe

I may be out of contact for a while, what with all the galavanting to Rye, to Melbourne, to Bendigo, to Melbourne (so I can work in the game store on Boxing Day! Yay time and a half), so I thought I'd take this opportunity to wish you all any/all of the following:

Merry Christmas
Blissful Solstice
Happy Chanukah
Joyful Kwanza
Peaceful Ramadan
Greedy Gift/Giving Getting Day
Blithe Let's-forget-what-time-of-year-it-is-and-just-get-togeter-to-have-drinks-or-something Evening
Cranky Bah, Humbug Day (because you wouldn't enjoy it if you had fun :P)
Seasons Greetings
Bright Blessings
And a fantastic yule!!

I wish for you all to be with the ones you love the most. Eat, drink, be merry, and drive safe.
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