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Look ma! I'm sick!

It was probably a bad idea for me to run my DnD game last night.

Today I had to go to the doctor (which I never do) to be prescribed antibiotics (which I avoid (as do most microbiologists - nothing worse than contributing to ABR bugs)), cold and flu medications (which I never take - psuedoephidrine is NOT my friend), cough syrup (see afore mentioned psuedoephidrine) and bed rest. Bed rest, dammit. The rest of it I can cope with, but I have too much work that needs doing to rest. Now I'm going to be all agitated and anxious and guilty about the work I can't be doing because I am too sick to be standing up.

(I tried standing up earlier to get myself some turkey and vegetable soup (which I've been cooking in anticipation of sickness) and found myself inexplicably lying on the ground. D'oh.)

So now I've got that crazy I'm-too-sick-to-move-but-I'm-speeding-on-medication feeling, plus the vague guilt of not being at work infecting my co-workers. At least I have turkey soup, and a cat to keep me mostly stationary (her lap-sitting powers are great!).

bishi_wannabe leaves tonight for Perth for a week with his extended family. Hopefully I will survive his absence in a haze of medications, soup, and cups of tea.
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