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Modern medicine

I do feel a bit better today, in that my lungs no longer ache when I breathe, but I am far from well. This actually surprised me somewhat, to be honest, because I've just been telling myself that I have a cold and I was being a big baby about it. It turns out that I really am sick. Who would have guessed?

I was frantic that my student wouldn't be able to do the work that needed doing yesterday without my help, but in my fever-adled state I managed to get different people to help him in stages and the results - while a little odd - seem to be usable. It was mostly a preliminary experiment, but I was pleased that a) we got something worthwhile and b) he managed to do it largely by himself.

Today I went into work long enough to do what was absolutely necessary, then I went home to feel weak, sickly and generally miserable. I'm not going into work tonight and I suspect that I'll go to training tomorrow only to watch; I don't want to test my strength too much.

My mother is surviving in East Timor, dispite a touch of food poisoning and a recurring tsunami warning (I'm not too worried about that, though - she's on the wrong side of the island to be in danger). bishi_wannabe survived the journey to Perth, but has sworn never to mock jet-lagged people again. Ha HAH! I say.

Many thanks to delwyn, who offered to come over and cook me dinner, but as I am worried about spreading my sickness (and seeing as how my house is at the moment almost entirely composed of soup - I cannot be stopped!), we settled on maybe tomorrow night instead. bunyip_the_cat is looking after me, though. All I need to do is work out how to graft thumbs onto her paws and teach her how to make cups of tea, then I will be able to convalese in peace.
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