Becka (miss_rynn) wrote,

Sickness and socialising.

Guess who is still sick?

I'm not getting any worse, but I'm nnot really getting any better, either. I start my repeat of antibiotics tomorrow, and if little progress is made then I will go see the damned quack again on friday. See, I've set myself goals and everything. It's gotten to that tiring stage of illness - as most of you know from experience, after a while of being sick the body just gets tired and fatigued, and just wants you to stop moving.

The problem is that I am quite bored at home by myself, having done an awful lot of it. I'm in at work today, and am spending my time shambling from place to place, sitting down whenever I can, giving orders like some dowager matriach to my poor student, and generally just getting in the way.

Oddly enough, however, I have seen more people this weekend than I normally do when all sprightly and genki. I have big thanks to give to the following people: delwyn, for cooking me dinner on saturday and watching HKA films with me (in particular "the Twins Effect", which was a triumph of questionable plot and poor acting), steampunk and sleazemonkey who came around on sunday to check up on me and be beautiful things for me to look upon to rest my mind, punk_rock_nerd who surprised me with scones (which were very tasty and perfect with jam and a cup of tea), and mousebane who last night cooked me dinner and had me watch "Being John Malkovich" (which I seemed to enjoy the concept of more than the film itself, and felt it ended a little flatly).

In any case, bishi_wannabe is well (I was worried that he was coming down with my sickness, but he bounced back just fine), and my mother has not been kidnapped by malitia yet in East Timor. She has also recovered from her food poisoning incident, and seems to be doing well.

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