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My Year in Review meme thingie, stolen from mousebane;
Take The First Sentence From The First Post Of Each Month Of 2004. (I'm only taking mine from 'open' posts, because I have a whole lot of 'friends only', 'friend group only', and 'private' posts which should probably not see the light of day.)

January - A grand time was had last night at my parents' swanky apartment followed by a party hop to morgan303 and reinzero 's house.
February - Okay, first up let me explain that without my knowledge I became at some point of my life something of a hard-core Dungeons and Dragons fancier.
March - I was going to tell you all about how I can't feel so bad about my PhD because there is now someone in my department in a far worse position than me (when other people's misery is greater than yours, you tend to feel better, after all).
April - So my DnD game happened last night.
May - Stolen from punk_rock_nerd 1. Go into your LJ's archives.
June - So I have this crazy plan after hearing that actor Vin Diesel, of the Chronicles of Riddick, is a DnD nerd who plays a half-orc barbarian
July - Yesterday was a shite of a day.
August - Weekend was grand.
September - Bleah.
October - So, what other exciting stuff has been happening in my life?
November - I'm going to be seeing Steam Boy tomorrow at 4.40 with an old friend named Mark, who some of you may or may not know.
December - I'm giving my departmental talk tomorrow.

My life seems to be very boring. Ah, well.