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Busy Buys Busy

Ack. See what happens when I start writing again?

Okay, NaNo has finally gotten to 40K words after a fairly long and expensive break, in regards to time lost. However, I should be on track from now one.

The main reason why it fell by the wayside a little, was becuae I've started writing in another on-line type setting. A story-style forum, you see. So whenever someone else updates and posts, you get inspired etc etc etc. Cool character, but she sucks all of my writing time.

Work has also gotten hectic, busy and more than a little pointy. Must keep head down, must keep working, must not allow myself to fall into the ever threatening anxiety attack that plagues me when I'm here... Hopefully though, it will all work out.

Doing some part time work through CLS on dog plaque. Fiddly and pedantic, but it pays fairly well.

So, that's the summary of my life at the moment. Not too exciting, but rather busy.
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